deconstructing brad pitt: a visual essay

Editors Chris Schaberg and Robert Bennett asked me to create a 16-page visual essay based off of Jaques Derrida quotes. These pages were included in the anthology Deconstructing Brad Pitt. Published by Bloomsbury Academic 2014.

Big Class No. 3: The 504

Sixteen 3rd-graders at Batiste Cultural Academy in New Orleans wanted to make a book about their lives in New Orleans, and began by writing personal narratives. These pieces were given to local artists to illustrate. I was invited to illustrate one of these stories The Spirit of Christmas.

Hello + thank you for visiting my site! My design work explores the boundaries between old and new technologies. Through image-making, I use the interplay of image and type to underscore the complexities of the topic I am working on. I make numerous iterations of an idea by hand, playing with materials (mostly paper). These iterations are then digitally scanned and reworked on the computer, sometimes along with creating and photographing 3-dimensional forms. This manipulation of materials is a playful, creative activity with often unexpected results. The form of my work evolves through this process.